Saturday, January 12, 2013

After almost a year of silence...

...and sleep deprivation, here I am again!
Baby Bella. is growing beautifully and she is the delight of my life.
A moment ago, while reading an old post in which I stated that I was getting my act together I laughed! I surely believed that at the time, but it was before I went back to my full time job! In reality, nowadays I have little time for anything non-family related, but I took advantage of the Christmas holidays to draw something for Bella's new bedroom (we also moved to a bigger house...what a year!).

It's a portrait of her little cousin, Pit, who is two year older than her. He is an adorable child and we can't wait for the two little ones to finally meet (he lives in Italy, we in the USA and unfortunately we haven't had a chance to visit yet...). Meanwhile, I thought  this would help to remind little I. of her family overseas.

Here is the the next days, I'll try to take a picture of the finished piece.


  1. It's lovely to hear from you again! This is a precious portrait - clearly made with great feeling and love :) Wishing you and the family (new ones inlcuded!) all the best (and more sleep! lol)

  2. Thank you so much Amal...These days, I can almost sleep while standing, although I can't complain about the little one, who is very good at night. It's just that there are more things to do than time in the day...;)