Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yggdrasil Inked

At last...I am ready to color this. I don't know why it took me so long to finish inking this time. Maybe it's the fact that I added details and modified a bit the original design. Maybe it's that in the evening I am exhausted and I just want to curl up and sleep instead of straining my eyes on small details. No matter, I am done and happy with the lines. Now, as usual the hard and interesting part begins.

You know I draw mostly while watching TV. I wonder if my choice of shows influences my drawings and possibly vice versa, or if it just by chance that I was watching Once Upon a Time, while drawing Sweet Home (my version of Hansel and Gretel), Fringe, while drawing Lotus of Creation, and the first season of Vikings while working on this latest picture. :)

PS: DO you guys think I should add a couple more branches in the top corners? Thanks for your suggestions! :)


  1. Wonderful drawing, it must have taken a long time. I just do things like knitting or fussy cutting while watching TV. Valerie

  2. Love all the details in this, and I think your choice of TV-shows definitely influence your drawings ... ;-)

  3. A wonderful expression of Norse mythology. It is so expressive and beautiful, and contains so many references that it seems a shame to loose the original drawing. Still, I hope you will be showing it when you have completed the piece. So lovely to see this type of work - I don't know how you can create such beauty while watching television.

  4. Beautiful details! I love those figures in the flowing robes. As for the branches, only you can decide! Those branches like deer antlers are really cool!