Thursday, April 10, 2014

Of oaks...

Still waiting the right light for the final photograph of Yggdrasil...Meanwhile, I started thinking about another cosmic tree, the oak, sacred to Zeus and symbol of strength and endurance. In a sense its role overlaps with that of the ash, as there are many common aspects in the mythology surrounding these two powerful trees. I wanted this new drawing to tap into one peculiar legend distinctive of the oak, that has to do with dryads...I'll explain later...

So here are the preliminary sketches...^^


  1. You are off to a great start! Valerie

  2. beautiful and lovely to consider!
    i love oak trees, i think i will be planting one in my yard in late spring.

  3. The completed painting should be an absolute feast. Your initial sketches are fantastic, the woman's hair translating into the branches, and the shoulder ornamentation of oak leaves and acorn for the other female.
    Oak trees were revered as sacred by the Druids of England and Wales in the distant past, and still are by the modern-day followers of Druidism. Such wonderful trees.

  4. Looking great so far! I do like the backward glance and the swirling between her hair and the tree. :)