Saturday, May 10, 2014

The oak and its dryads inks

Dedicated to mother Nature, with thanks and apologies....
Oak are the only trees that have not one but two spirits inhabiting them, according to Greek mythology. One moves around in the woods, like most dryads do. The other, the amadryad is permanently bound to the tree and never leaves, even if the oak is cut. This drawing tells represents the last moments shared by two sisters dryads, before their oak is taken down by a group of men. They are accompanied by priests that perform a ritual to warn and repel the one dryad that can actually survive away from the tree. She can't help but flee and yet her heart is torn to pieces because she know she will forever be separated from her beloved twin.

Now that I have inked the scene, I wonder, what color should the hair of the dryad be? My husband says green, but I am not certain..the only other time I painted a dryad, she had green hair, I think, and I 'd like to change...

Hope you are enjoying the nice weather and have a lovely Mother's Day.
Ciao, Mamma!


  1. another amazing story! I love oak trees, so much.
    some oak trees... their leaves turn colors in autumn, you could chose autumn colors for the forest one and green for the tree one... just a thought.
    Lovely mother's day to you too!

  2. Your drawing is evolving beautifully! Valerie