Friday, January 13, 2012

Monika Viktoria's gifts

They are here! Monika Viktoria (also known as Mayple) of The Long Lost Woods has sent me a beautiful watercolor gift, one of her ethereal, gentle ladies. Seen "live" her artwork is even more charming than in photo.I am in love with the sweet tentative expression of this character and the delicate shadowing of her features.

 The details are also exquisite but discreet. Look how beautiful the little flowers in her hair, the pearls, and the lace on the dress are!

As if this was not enough, Monika also added a hand-made moo business card (another original!) and 3 lovely postcards.
This young lady on the chair is one of my favorite: she looks mysterious, what is she up to?
Watercolor and card by Monika Victoria. Enchanted doll by Marina Bychkova. Dress by AnneUK

My Enchanted Doll Sophie "modeled" the third card. Somehow the girl who is studying the butterfly collection makes me think of the way I imagined  Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series.
Well, I am so glad Monika chose to send me these wonderful gifts and relieved that they did not get lost in the mail. Thank you so much, dear!

Monika, who grew up in Australia and lived there until spring 2011, is currently based in Hungary and in less than a week will have a show in Győr, titled "A Mese Három Arca" January 20th, 2:30pm, Richter Terem Győr. If you happen to be in town I highly recommend it! If you cannot make it there, you can admire more of her art on her website, blog, and Flickr pages.

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