Sunday, January 29, 2012

Skin Tones in Prismacolor Part 2: Cold hues

...And this is the second set of floating faces, with  more strange and unearthly colorings. I like some of these very much. Others came out a bit too over the top for my taste, but there might be occasion when these combinations could work.

Which ones are your favorites among these ones?
Mine are C1, C2, and D2. :)


  1. Great practice, and great self discipline! I have never had the patience to sit down and do something like this, I always just grab my paint and slosh it around and get what I get. I particularly like the very first two "skin tones" - a lot actually!

  2. That was the only way of overcoming my fear of using them...they are very "charged", intense colors and I need to use them with extra caution in order to obtain the proper effect. It was fun to try them out, though! ^^