Tuesday, March 26, 2013

After the archery lesson

I mentioned the other day that I almost participated to a third contest.
That was the Lara Croft Reborn contest on deviantArt.  used to play Tomb Raider a  few years ago and I loved it. When the new game came out and the contest announcement appear I was busy with other stuff and did not pay too much attention to it. A week before the deadline, I remembered about the challenge and came up with a quick idea, as you see on the post-its below.

My idea was to depict Lara in a rather unconventional way, picking on the description found in the "assets package". She was said to be naturally beautiful, studious, not a social butterfly, wealthy, but not ostentatious, etc. All these characteristics are not typically represented in LC art, where she usually is in a combactive stance, covered in dust and sometimes blood. Instead, I wanted to show a young innocent girl with an interesting background and a hidden strength.

When my husband saw the drawing half way through the inking, he first could not identify her, then reminded me that the contest was supposed to promote an action game and that composed and calming views of the main hero were not going to appeal to the panel of judges, the company, or the target audience. As a former player of the game, I begged to disagree on the last point. However, I recognized he might be correct on the rest. Because I was also extremely tight on time and very busy with work and the baby,  I decided to relax and finish the piece for my own pleasure. Here is the result.


  1. Trasferisco qui il commento di Rita, finito per errore nei commenti di "Carnevale a Venezia":

    Ma che bella cacciatrice rilassata, ho visto...! Mi piace BM

  2. Grazie carissima BM!...Lara e' un personaggio di un gioco elettronico a cui giocavamo quando eravamo giovani...ed avevamo tanto tempo libero. ;)

  3. it is such a joy to find your art and blog! when i have more time i look forward to a leisurely visit. Your art is beautiful to me!