Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pirates! Finished!

Here is "Pirates!" finished. I hope you, as well as my dear Pit, will enjoy looking at it.

Talk to you soon!

PS: When the picture was finally almost done, I left the drawing pad on the coffee table together with a couple of pencils, as I planned to pick it up again the following evening. That was a bit of a mistake. In the morning, while I was making breakfast, little Bella got her hands on it...I always try to give her pens and pencils to see if she likes to draw something, but usually she just sticks them in her mouth and chews on them. This time, though, she must have felt inspired, because she grabbed a nicely sharpened black pencil and she "improved" the look of the beach. I didn't even realize it until I set back down to continue my work. Too bad I was in a panic, otherwise I could have taken a photo of the nice bold stripes she had made between the crocodile and the parrot...;)

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