Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ritratto di Bimba in progress...

Hi everybody! In little more than a week I will be going to see my parents in Italy!'s been two years since my last visit and it feels like forever. So much has changed and I have missed my family and friends enormously. I am looking forward to introduce Bella to all and I am curious to see how she will behave during the trip and in a completely new environment (actually, I am mildly concerned about the flight...we've been told to bring lots of little new toys with which to entertain her...I wonder if that will be enough or if she will try to take the airplane anticipated apologies to our fellow travelers).

I don't expect I'll have time to draw at all (it used to be difficult before the baby!) and my internet access will be limited. These are the last days when I'll be able to post anything. So I though to share the project that I have just started: Ritratto di Bimba. It's the counter part to the Ritratto di Bimbo from several months ago (you can see it here).

Let's see how much I will be able to advance in the next few days...there are so many things I have to organize before we leave...

In case I could not write again before the day of the flight, let me wish you a very happy and sunny June. I'll be back in July!

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  1. hello,
    how wonderful that you are going home to visit. My sister lives in Italy, married an Italian. When i think of how far away she is i feel sad.

    This art is so charming and the eyes are overflowing with beautiful light.

    i wonder if rescue remedy would be a good thing for your baby on the plane, or for you ;-) it is subtly calming, a homeopathic product that you can get in any health food store. the drops or spray for under the tongue have a base of brandy. there are lozenges in a tin to suck on too. I always carry them.

    lovely journey to you!