Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hansel, Gretel, etc.

My sister in law is coming to visit with her family (Pit will spend some quality time with Bella!). I am making a drawing to celebrate her birthday and the fact that we are going to have a new addition to the family soon. She asked for a Hansel and Gretel inspired picture, with the ginger bread house and the children, but without the scary witch.
Here is the initial sketch with some inking done...


  1. ahhhh, this is looking charming.
    new addition!? does that mean you are with child?
    wishing you all a grand time together!

  2. Not I ;), my in laws are expecting...the forth child, the one that's floating in the air with fairy wings could be my own, in a year or it's a bit early for us: we've just barely recovered from Bella's birth...;). All the children here are represented a bit older than they actually are, so since we are looking into the future, I made the bet that Bella will have a brother or sister joining the trio at some point...
    Thank you for the good wishes, we will try to have fun and really treasure our time together. :)

  3. That is a really cute sketch. Bit it will be lovely when finished. Have fun.

  4. I hope so...meanwhile, I am enjoying, especially because it seems to me I am advancing faster than usual...could this be another positive consequence of the challenge? :)

  5. What an adorable sketch, right out of a children's book with the candy scenery and fun. Delicious!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully mother and children will like it when it's done! :)