Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Be spooky, be merry,
load your bags with
candies and berries!

Obviously, I am no poet...but the intention is true...I hope you'll have a great time tonightT My children are watching the clouds crowding the sky and the constant drizzle of rain hoping that tonight the weather will allow an excursion in the neighborhood. Fortunately, our daycare had a small Halloween party a couple of days ago and they have had a chance to celebrate, anyways.

Wherever you are, may the sun (or later the moon) shine on your trick or treating!


  1. wishing your children weather that is good for trick or treating
    candies and berries, i like that
    it is snowing here at the moment, first snow of the season for me
    so lovely, fat flakes floating through the sky - mesmerizing
    Lovely celebration to you and yours and yes only good witches ;-)

  2. It was a good trick or treat night, overall...but it was drizzling and not many children were around. Bella was very happy to run around the neighborhood...she does not care about candies yet. Pit was very satisfied with his bounty and he enjoyed a lot the monsters and pumpkins along the way. We met a couple of witches, but they turned out to be harmless.:)