Monday, April 4, 2011

About Enchanted Doll

This is going to be a long post, so I invite you to find yourself a comfortable armchair with soft pillows, get a nice cup of tea, and relax…or get excited…which is what happened to me when I saw for the first time an Enchanted Doll.

These are the most remarkable, expressive and truly artistic dolls I have ever seen. Enchanted dolls are a creation of the gifted Marina Bychkova, who is originally from Russia, but has grown up, studied and now works in Vancouver, Canada.
I don’t remember feeling so enthralled by a doll since the years of my childhood. I am not a collector and know very little of the ball jointed dolls world. But in this case, it was love at first sight…and I am not the only one! People of all ages and walks of life have fallen under the spell of these porcelain beauties.

Not only Marina has brilliantly engineered her dolls to be perfectly posable, well balanced, and exquisitely proportioned, but she has also mastered the art of painting life into their faces. The observer has often the impression to be in front of a mystical figure or of an ancient spirit trapped in the porcelain and about to burst out of it.


Furthermore, she is a wonderfully skilled designer of jewels and costumes. Her costumed dolls are breathtaking for the intricacy and historical accuracy of their gorgeous outfits.

Marina literally invests hundreds of hours in producing gowns, headdresses, crowns and dreamy shoes.

Last and most important of all, Marina’s works are not simple expressions of grace and elegance. Each doll in her collection carries a meaning, has a story that calls our attention to deep and sometime sad or even unpleasant truths of the human condition.

Beside her many artistic accomplishments, Marina is also a very generous individual and once a year, in occasion of her birthday, she holds a contest that awards one of her coveted nude dolls to the winner and other precious tokens of appreciation to the runner ups. This is a fantastical opportunity to be creative and have a chance to become owner of an Enchanted Doll.  

Isn’t she great?
You can see much more on her website,
All pictures presented in this post belong to Marina Bychkova and appear on her webpage.

PS: As you can guess, I had to participate in the contest…but this is a topic for the next post!


  1. such a great post about Marina and her creations, i can only agree with you in every way!
    how you described the feeling of an ancient spirit in the doll, that is how i sometimes also feel about my Iðunn. and often when i look at dolls i see on ebay, some of them claiming to be "the most beautiful porcelain bjd's in the world" i just don't see that magic and the soul in the dolls like i do in Marina's. it's more than making a doll and painting it, she truly enchants them.


  2. Dear Annina, I think Marina really puts a bit of herself in every doll and that's the source of that magic we all love. So much more than mere technical skills...:)