Sunday, April 3, 2011

Arwen in Turin

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Margherita came to visit us in Chicago from Turin (Italy). Together we visited the comic expo at the McCormick's Center (C2E2). After seeing all the phenomenal artists at work there, Margherita asked me to draw a portrait of herself  and a few other friends as superheroes. Since they all love horses and like The Lord of the Rings, I thought it would be fun to draw them as characters of the books. Of course, I thought Marghe should be Arwen as she is tall and sinuous as an elf. This is the work in progress...there are a few more details to hone, but I hope to have it ready soon!


  1. OMG, I went to c2e2 too! What day(s) did you go?

  2. Oh! we could have met...maybe we did without realizing it! I was there just on Saturday...and I so wish I could have gone also on Sunday! I feel I missed a lot of things/people to see. I loaded myself (actually my poor huband) with I have to find time for reading them all! Did you have fun?

  3. Neato, we totally could have met up. lol. I went with my dad on Saturday, and we had so much fun we went back on Sunday and brought my brother! I think I definitely liked Saturday better though, it seemed like there were waaay more characters there then than on Sunday. My dad got himself a klingon batleth on Saturday and was so incredibly excited for it, I kept having to talk him out of opening it up right there on the train ride home! lol.