Friday, December 27, 2013


Here is a WIP of a little pet triceratops for Bella.
She is head over hills for dinosaurs. We have  a funny pop up book about them and her favorite are triceratops and the T.Rex (lurking in the back). She likes the T. Rex, because of its sharp teeth that chomp chomp chomp...but she does not realize (because we are not telling her yet) that he would sooner dine on triceratops than with it. Ah, blessed ignorance....

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We were plague by the flu, but we managed to still have fun... 

Have a great end of the year and may 2014 bring you joy, love, and lots of happy moments!


  1. How adorable!! I love to see your process from pencil to ink to paint. It's always fun to see paintings come alive. Hope that the flu is long gone from your home now. Best wishes for 2014!

  2. My children loved Dinosaurs when they were small. The land before time was a real winner! ;) Love your little dino feast! A happy new year to you, may it be full of sparkle and light. ( I also loved your previous post too! )

  3. this is so charming! I love your colors and all the sweet details.
    I can only imagine that Bella loves this very much!