Monday, April 22, 2013

Just a little bit..flooded

So much for my cheerful welcome of spring a few days ago!

A night of torrential rain was too much for our pumps (yes, two of them!) and our basement got flooded...just a little bit, fortunately. We had just half an inch of water, but that was enough to soak up the cardboard boxes we had not processed since the move, though. So we spent the weekend sorting out our belongings to determine what could be saved. Annoying as it was to work instead of resting, I can't complain too much. Our basement is not finished (and given we don't need the extra space it will not be finished any time soon) and it was mainly empty, plus we live on top of a (puny little) hill, so overall the flood was inconsequential to us. Other people down the road and towards the river took a lot of damage, though. You can tell that from the amount of debris accumulating in from of the houses. So sad.

We had troubles with framed pictures (most of which we managed to rescue), documents (that we had completely forgotten about...but important spread around the house to dry), old books (our precious, but unused-because-of-baby D&D manuals), and sentimental stuff, like old calendars, love letters (so funny to read them now!), school notes...

Clearly, I had no time for art...but we've had a chance to work out, instead (carrying our "treasures" upstairs while chasing after Bella curious to explore all the new objects emerging from the basement) and walk a bit of the memory lane (I found some old drawings of mine...and I still wonder why I keep them around instead of tossing them, as they are frankly quite horrible...lets just say I would feel comfortable admitting I made them in early middle school at best, but unfortunately they are much more recent than that!!!! :D).

I feared my precious magnolia would be ruined, but it seemed to have endured the elements, so far.

The forecasts have rain again tonight and maybe snow (?!) in the next few days. Will we see the magnolia full bloom at all?


  1. Now you must share your "middle school drawings". :D

  2. Ah Noxy, I don't dare...I am serious when I say they are terrible! I made them before I had access to web tutorials, art-teaching books, decent references...and good sense! Let's say that the composition was uninteresting (not that I think now I know what I am doing, but anything is better than that) and the coloring (pencils) was heavy handed and uncoordinated! Ouch!