Thursday, April 25, 2013


My preparatory sketches are usually bits of scrap paper or even post-its on which I jot down the bare bone idea of what I want to do. Not the best practice, as I end up doing most of the work directly on the paper and sometime I have to re-elaborate and correct details over and over, at the risk of ruining precious materials.Unfortunately, I find it hard to draw a full fledged piece and then transfer it on fancy paper. I mean, I am much more driven and focused when I know that I am working on the actual piece. I tend to be too generic otherwise...Yet sometimes I wish I would elaborate more in a preliminary drawings to translate the images I have in my mind more clearly: typically my final results don't look at all as I thought they would/should...
Anyways, here are some sketches for current projects...;)

And to say good night, here are a couple more pictures of my beloved magnolia.

BTW, in case you were wondering, the flowers don't really have a perfume that I can clearly perceive...


  1. i love seeing your tiny sketch next to the final sketch.... so fun for me. everyone has their ways of drawing.

    the magnolia's i was around in California were different looking, less petals and larger petals and the scent was so strong and wonderful. That is why i asked.

    thank you for sharing your sketches!

  2. Yes, I like to see people's processes too! So interesting, like opening a little window in their minds and spying the ticking of the gears...;)

    Between you and I, I was actually hoping my magnolia would be like the ones you describe, opulent and intoxicating...but still I can't complain. Probably the previous owners chose this particular variety because my backyard is rather small and the did not want to overpower the landscape with a huge tree. For the smell, I am a bit surprised by its absence. I wonder if something went wrong at some critical stage (excessive rain washed out the perfume molecules??), or if it takes a while for the aroma to develop, or if simply this particular type of magnolia does not smell that much...I'll tell you next year! ;)