Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring is here...the magnolia is blooming!

Finally, spring seems to have begun. OK, today the sky is all grey and heavy with rain, but the grass  is turning to emerald and  the first flowers are popping up here and there. Such a cheering sight!

Last October we moved to a new, bigger house so now we have a backyard...with a magnolia tree (a small one, though) in it. I did not realize it for quite a while, until somebody pointed it out to me and I was overjoyed. I adore magnolia trees. Where I grew up, we did not have them, but a few years ago I discovered them around town: smallish and shrub like (such as mine) or massive, old and majestic, all laden with luscious, gorgeous flowers in infinite variations of white, pink and cream. What a spectacle!
The magnolia has been my favorite tree ever since. At the time I even made a drawing, partially inspired by Enchanted Dolls, that celebrates them, Lady Magnolia.

I am told that it's pain to clean the mess when the flowers fall, but I don't care: the delight of seeing them every morning during the month of April is well worth the extra work. ;)

For weeks now, I have been keeping an eye on my beloved plant, at its furry gems (scientific name unknown to me!) green and tightly closed, tossed by the winds, covered in snow, hammered by torrential rains...and wondered when they would come to life. Yesterday, after a few days of sweeter temperatures the tree has awakened. The gems are opening! I so look forward to seeing what color and shape the petals are . From what I can see so far, it looks like they might be white, but...who knows...

...I'll keep you posted.

I am working on two new pieces, one for an italian contest about travels and one for my nephew Pit (but maybe I could also use it to enter another contest ;)). I'll post the WIP in a few days.

For now, be well and enjoy the delicate beauty of spring!


  1. Maura, you are keeping busy, and creative! Lovely new piece, it definitely heralds springtime!!

  2. Monika! Thank you so much! It's an old piece, actually...I think about it every time a see a magnolia in bloom. I might make another magnolia themed drawing one of these days, given that now the inspiration is under my very nose! ;)

  3. such a magical piece. i love how you articulated the main characters limbs, so interesting. love all the wonderful details.

  4. Thank you so much, Tammie! ^^