Monday, April 1, 2013

Two Cherries...Finished

Sorry for the delay, guys...these past few days we were victim of an awful GI bug that has been plaguing Bella's daycare...No Easter luncheon, no parties, no walks in the sun, no energy for drawing or posting on the blog.

Possibly (I don't feel like claiming victory over the infection's really nasty) things are getting better and will allow me to go back to drawing. I have a small project I want to complete before our trip to Italy in June.

Meanwhile, here is the picture of the finished Two Cherries piece.

Why the cherries? Bella and Pit look so much alike that they could be siblings: they made me think of two cherries. In addition the cherry tree symbolizes rebirth and new awakening and these two little angels have brought new life to our families, new hope, and new adventures.

Happy Pasquetta (the Monday after Easter is a holiday in Italy...not in the US unfortunately...)!


  1. uff i'm sorry to hear your family caught that bug, it does not sound fun at all, i hope you are all feeling better now!

    this painting is so beautiful, love the softness and sweetness of it! :)

    1. Hi Annina! Thank you for your sweet comment! <3

      Yes, we are doing much better! Yesterday we went out all day long and enjoyed the sun and some fresh air, finally! Meanwhile, we are stuffing ourselves with vitamins to strengthen our battered immune system, in the hope to avoid further troubles now that spring has started. ;)
      How are you gus?