Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Challenge: 29 Faces (Day 10: #26)

Oh my, another mermaid already?
Yesterday, I found this old sketch and, inspired by Uuna (if you don't know her, have a look at her beautiful collection of diverse works on her blog, BTW)'s suggestion to have a completely mermaids-dedicated gallery, I decided to quickly color and shared it here.

Although the face per se is rather small, the rest of the drawing promises to be more complex and long to finish, with waves, bubbles, rocks etc, which I have to research and will take me much longer to finish. So I did not attempt to color the whole thing and limited myself to the lady of the ocean. This is a direct take on the Little Mermaid, so we will call her Ariel.
Have a lovely afternoon!

#25: Ariel


  1. I am sorry it has taken me a little while to stop by but I can truely say it is well worth coming to see all your wonderful faces right now and this one is my favourite. So nice to meet you. ManonX

    1. Thank you so much, Manon, for your kind words and for visiting: it's great to have you here!

  2. Oh, She is so beautiful! I am so glad You painted her ready. After this challenge we have many paintings to do ready, but it is it. Now we paint faces and some is to do.

    I hope I can see some Mermaids after this challenge, too. My LionWoman is like Mairmaids, They are really but we don't see them. Of course we see, You and I, but mostly of people don't see. But We help them see.
    Have a nice day, greetings from Finland :-)

  3. oh how beautiful and lovely
    she seems as though she is alive
    your coloring is so wonderful, a bit of magic in it
    I would not have thought of the size of her head.... with whimsical and mythical creatures i feel there is no rules of size, she is lovely. I look forward to the finished piece some day.

  4. Beautiful! as a mermaid fan i love this piece so much Astera :). the algea in her hair...really well captured.