Friday, September 20, 2013

Challenge: 29 faces (Day 5: #14, 15, 16, 17)

The other day, I found an old copy of Vogue  that has been laying around, waiting to be read. Not sure that's going to happen, given how busy with other stuff I am. However, I decided to use the magazine differently for a quick exercise. I know I could do better when it comes to drawing hair and faces in unusual positions. Especially I find it extremely hard to draw a face viewed from the bottom. I remember spending several hours as a kid, trying to copy a famous Star Wars poster in which Luke Skywalker looks upward holding his light saber above his head (remember it?). I had to give up. My brain could not wrap around the prospective illusion of nostrils almost aligned with eyes: all I got was a sort of flattened snout that looked like a pig...poor Mark Hamill! I tried so hard that I made a hole in the paper with my eraser. After which I desisted...and never really overcame that obstacle.

So I took advantage of this opportunity to practice on difficult head poses and on hair as well.
I started from the cover, went on to draw the face of the models/actresses in the following pages, not paying too much attention to resemblace (too time consuming) and focusing on shiny locks and jaws/neck proportions....I know I still have to work quite e bit on this! :D

#14 Scarlett attempt: Anpther case in which inks did not help with resemblance. I guess I tend to make eyes too big these days. Her head is just slightly tilted backwards, hence the funny shape of the nose...maybe the problem is that her eyes do not follow the perspective of the rest of the face?

# 15 and 16 Kate attempt front and side: She does look nothing like Ms Winslet but I am pretty happy with her hair and hands.

# 17 Oooops...I don't remember the name of this actress, but it does not matter because again any resemblance is lost. This was of course the most difficult subject and makes me think there is still a lot of practice in store for me, if I want to master this pose. I wonder if coloring and giving it dimension with shadows, would improve it....

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Lovely drawings, you are right to be happy with Kates hair you have drawn it so well.

    1. Thank you so much! Now I am pondering if I should really color them or not. I fear I might ruin them!...

  2. interesting thing, looking at the first drawing and you wrote Scarlet, Yes, i can see it is her. It is an over all feeling. I did not need to notice nose or anything else. i think you captured her spirit.

    Oh yes, Kate's hands, well done. I like the hair, very much on all of them. I need so much help with my hair ability.

    I think a wonderful thing about 29 faces is the opportunity to try new things, many faces and experiment. I will have to pull out a magazine.

    so good to see these.

    1. Thank you, Tammie. I completely agree on how wonderful this challenge has been. Usually with the little time I have for drawing, I jump from big project to big project leaving myself little to no time to explore new things. 29 Faces has forced me to play a little and reflect on what I am doing, which is very important to grow and improve...