Monday, February 24, 2014

29 Faces: 24 and 25

Here is another week and here are my sketches. Both are Vogue ladies and again both do not resemble the models at all. ^^ I am rather happy with 24, while 25 seemed cuter while I was drawing I realize that her chin is rather masculine and too round (that seems a problem I have with profiles...must work on that!).

I could correct it, but the deal was to work on these exercises quickly and as naturally as possible. Once a piece is declared done, there is no going back.
On to the next faces!

Have a happy and productive week!


  1. I really like them both. I know how hard it is not to go back and "perfect" everything but these both look pretty amazing. I really love the hair on 25 especially.

  2. Both your ladies are beautifully drawn, and I love the second one best. She has a very nice chin, not masculine at all. Your shading for the shadows is so delicate and lovely, I admire your pencil drawings so much.