Sunday, February 16, 2014

29 Faces: 8,9

What a week...a nightmare at work. Toddler sick at home. Weather ever gloomy and cold.
I could not take pictures, because of the darkness when I left and came home, but at least I kept a measure of sanity by keeping sketching.

Today was finally sunny and I took a couple of decent photographs. Here are the characters from February 8 and 9.

Number 8 is maybe a follow up to evil queen? Or she could be a wiry ballerina...she has an unusual look for my standards, with lots of sharp angles...I am not sure she is exuding malice...she could be just a very energetic and decisive lady. What do you think?

Number 9 seems to have made a wondrous discovery...or maybe she is the wondrous discovery herself (we were still watching Fringe, at this point and I guess she could be Olivia displaying some of her hidden powers)!

Number 10....coming next!!


  1. I hope the little one will be better soon. It is hard to create when they need you so much. Lovely drawings and Happy Paper Saturdays! ManonX

  2. She is better, thank you, dear...I just wish she could stay healthy for more than just a week...she seems never to fully recover before she catches the next bug! Plus, I end up getting sick too and that is even less conducing to creativity! ;)