Sunday, February 2, 2014

29 Faces February....keeping it simple.

Hi! I was unsure I would have time to work on the 29 Faces challenge by Ayala, but, following her suggestions, I thought I could do it, if I could keep my faces, uncomplicated, spontaneous. So here are my small sketches for yesterday and today...see you in the next days. :)

Happy February and Happy 29 Faces!

PS: sorry for the's Bella's drawing paper! :D


  1. really happy to have you joining the challenge, yes it is a challenge but it is as easy or complicated as time allows. Lovely pencil sketches, I always admire your delicacy when creating faces.

  2. fab sketches and I love this wonderful idea with the writig lines below!

  3. such lovely faces
    they look like the same lady, i don't know if i could draw the same character over and over again, i should try.

    so glad you are joining us!

  4. Both of them are lovely and sweet :)