Monday, February 3, 2014

Lotus of creation

I thought I would finish this earlier, but my key marker for the background, YG11, decided it was time to give up on me, so I had to find the time and willpower to go and buy it. These days the cold is so ridiculous that any non strictly necessary errands are systematically postponed.

Anyways, here it is, finished at last...with details.

For this Lotus drawing, I was inspired by the chapter on the flowers of the Absolute in the book Florario. "As Vishnu was resting in the ocean, a lotus rosed from his was so big that it could contain the entire world. That Lotus generated Brahma and, with the powers of the sleeping God, he generated the world". That's the baby full of light. At the same time, the cosmic lotus was also the symbol of the Goddess Shri (also known as Lakshmi), essentially considered one of the representations of the Great Mother (if I understood correctly ;)).
I thought these two tales would work well together in this piece.
As an extra touch, since I have been watching Fringe (Whaaat? wait for it...;)) and have been ensnared in the tale of parallel universes and alternative realities, I represented the multiple realities as a reflection of the Goddess in a imaginary cosmic mirror.

Happy rest of the week!

Linking to 29 Faces for the details of the faces, although I consider it a bonus, as I drew these characters before the challenge started. :)


  1. this piece is mystically exquisite Astera!
    i love your colors
    the alive quality of the beautiful flower
    each detail is a thrill to see
    and there is a tangible feeling to the spiritual quality that touches my spirit.

  2. Beautiful! The colours are gorgeous. I love how it looks like there is light all around and reflecting up to her.