Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The last pieces of the little teather

These are the final pieces for Pit's theater: the front decoration and the curtains. Just need to cut out and glue everything together!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Night Flight WIP

I am about to finish the second panel for Pit's theater. If  "The secret of the forest" could be considered the beginning  of the three young heroes' magical journey, this second piece, "Night flight" represents its ending. After many adventures, challenges, and discoveries, it's time to get back to the warm safety of home. Within the castle a portal will open that will return the children to their world. A few friends met along their winding road will accompany them to the threshold between the two universes.

This one took quite a while...May was a very busy month with work and spring related activities. But I am glad I'll be able to finish this in time for Pit's B-day.
Here is the WIP for this piece. Tomorrow I'll show you the finished version.

Here is the initial pencil drawing. It took me quite a while to draw all the tiny little houses on the shore. I am not very strong with horses, so I had to try several time before coming up with a decent Pegasus..still I suppose that my equine anatomy could use some improvement...;)

Of course this is the inking. I rather enjoyed this process, although the tip of my Microliner was at the end of its days and I had to change it half way the thickness of the lines is rather unequal, but thankfully, once colored this is almost unnoticeable...;)
Here I started putting down some greys to define the shadowed areas and create a base that should keep my colors from going to bright and garish....(always fighting that battle...)
So, at this point I was regretting not leaving everything in black and white, as the sea seemed to overwhelm everything else. As I draw, I always get to a panic paralysis point. This was it in this case. I tried to downplay the sea adding tons of grey to the waves, which improved things a bit.
Getting there...the sky was the sea seems less predominant. Still there are a few details to complete. Hopefully, tomorrow "Night Flight" will be completed!