Friday, July 19, 2013

Back from Italy...

Oh my, it's so good to be on vacation!
This was my mantra for the past 3 weeks. Every single day was a new perfect gift to enjoy, every new and old sight a nourishing treat for the soul.

Yes, I am back now, but I am still basking in the exhilarating feeling of freedom and relax that we experienced in Italy. I have never appreciated my time off like this year. After the baby, we have had so little time for ourself and have been leaving in a survival mode for almost two years. This trip to Italy has reset us and replenished our energies.

My  mother in law took charge of Bella, leaving us free to go see friends, sleep a bit more in the mornings, and most definitely spend more quality time with each other, our families, and Bella too. I am so grateful for this! Bella in turn, flourished during this period: she has experienced lots of new things, met lots of people, befriended her cousin Pit (those two are unbelievable together), learned how to walk properly, and grown at least an inch.

How was June for you guys?