Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The 2013 Enchanted Doll Contest

Hello, dolls lovers out there! I am sure you are more than familiar with Marina Bychkova's spectacular works! If not, take a look at her website: you'll fall in love! Enchanted dolls are collector's dream and pretty hard to come by, but every year Marina gives a chance to all her fans to win one of them by participating to her Birthday contest!

This year the prize is one of her resin dolls fully painted and customed. Yummy, no?

The 2013's theme is travel. People were asked to send in a postcard of a favorite destination...
Postacards can be new, old, bought, home-made, of real places or fantastic places...
Recently, Marina posted that she has already received more than 100 postcards and they keep coming!

Looking forward to seeing everybody's entry. I made my own (and it was a rather complicated business, because I didn't plan ahead very smartly...usual me...) and sent it yesterday afternoon. It will make it to Canada barely on time.

I am also very curious to see which mold she'll pick to be the prize and how she will dress her up...

Good luck to all the participants!