Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another Ritratto di Bambino

Little Giac is now almost 10 month old. Time to make a new portrait to add to Bella's room. Drawing in ready...I am leasurely working on the inks.


It's strange to think that after this I will make just one more portrait, for little baby L., and then the series will be completed.
There will be other kids-themed drawings though...Bella now has her own requests (she wants a drawing of baby Pluto) and I have to start thinking about decorating the new nursery!


  1. this is adorable!
    do you copy your art at the ink stage so that the children in your life can color them in?
    I hope you are well and enjoying winter, a good time to be pregnant. Summer can be so hot for that experience.

  2. Awwwww!! You can already how cute this art is going to be! I love the little floating fairy on the right :)