Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ritratto di bimbo 2 finished

All right! I did it! I finished the third picture of the portrait of the family children for Isabella before her brother comes! Yey!

She has asked for a picture of baby Pluto, so I think I will have to comply, if I can...but I think that should be within my reach and simpler to do. :)

Have you gotten any snow? We barely were able to celebrate Isabella's birthday before we got snowed in! That's the trouble for those who are born in the winter....but we were lucky with our scheduling this year!

1 comment:

  1. hello,
    the details in this are amazing! the horses are so charming and nearly look alive. such an adorable baby and so happy! such a pretty happy realm you have portrayed, the good dream for all babies! this is so very special.

    i am glad you got to celebrate before getting snowed in. we do have snow, but it has slowed down and days are above freezing, so unusual for Feb. so ice forms every where.

    wishing you a lovely February!