Saturday, November 9, 2013

Almost done with the inking...

I am looking forward to color this...


  1. so many wonderful details!
    your roses are lovely as can be
    are their hands, all their beautiful expressive hands
    wishing you a wonderful time coloring!

    1. Thank you dear! I tremble with excitement and fear to make a mess of this! :D

    2. hello, you may have begun your coloring...
      but one thing i have learned that i have done a couple of times is:
      scan the art into my computer. Then print it on nice paper, watercolor paper or whatever. Then color that one or the original. But that way you have a back up. Or could try different coloring... nice option.

    3. Wise suggestion! I used to do this but I stopped mainly because I don't think my ancient and battered printer would serve me well for printing on thick watercolor paper... But of course you are right, if things go bad I could try to print the inks from the photo I have. I really hope it will not be necessary though! ;)

  2. WOW! That's really impressive and looks just amazing! Such a gorgeous illustration.