Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend update

Getting there!

By the way, with all this painting of ordered gardens and roses, I suddenly felt the need to clean up the backyard rose shrub. It was a mess. It had not been pruned in years, so I snipped my way to the core of the plant. Now I am crossing my fingers in hope I did not exceed what's good for next year's blooming. The rose branches look rather neat, now, but my husband expressed a certain level of skepticism at my zealous clipping. I am more optimistic, though. This year we had very few flowers, so I figure next year can only get better.  Let's hope so! :)


  1. oh my! there is a lovely depth and texture in the colors you are choosing, quite beautiful and rich Astera.

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    1. Oops, I deleted my reply by mistake! Anyways, thank you for your nice comment,Tammie! Let's see what this week will bring. I hope to finish this before the end of the month! :)

  3. This is looking so fabulous! It's such a detailed piece and you're painting it like a master. It's gorgeous! Those roses are amazing :)